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Why Is It Better Than The Original Red Special
Neck Though Body, Ebony Fretboard, Hand Wound Kent Armstrong Tri-sonic Pickups
Far Improved Tremolo Bar, Buzz Feiten System. Graphite Nut.
Made in the USA From Solid White Korina Wood

Built For Brian May in Ed Roman's Custom Shop in 2005
This Guitar may look like Brian's signature model

The wizards at Ed Roman's have modified this per Brian's Request!
The Original Brian May "Red Special" is a set neck guitar
(This one is completely neck through body, with hard-mounted pickups)!

The Original Brian May "Red Special" uses a primitive tremolo that doesn't hold tune
(This one uses the superior Pearlcaster Tremolo) (Brian Loves It)

The Original Brian May "Red Special" has a Rosewood Fingerboard.
(This one uses Premium African Gaboon Ebony).

The Original Brian May "Red Special" is made from Oak
(This one is made from African Korina Tonewood).

Paul Crook with his Brian May Guitar
Paul programmed the New Awesome Digitech Brian May Pedal Using This Actual Guitar

Master Luthier Alan Dreher, Doing The Final Assembly & Setup on Brian's Personal #1 Abstract