Abstract Headstock Gallery   If You Can Dream It - Abstract Can & Will Build It

Abstract guitars offers numerous different headstock designs.

The reason there is a page devoted to headstocks is to drive home the fact that any model may be ordered with any headstock. Also any model may be ordered with any Inlay. In most cases it will not affect the prices. After all these are all custom made anyway.

By 2008 we will have 100 different headstock designs available !!!!
DerringerRude BoyBass Trad.
Reverse Pointed HeadstockArrow HeadstockViper Omega
Banana HeadstockGumby HeadstockPterodactyl Headstock
Quicksilver Style HeadstockQuicksilver Style HeadstockGothic Headstock
CenturionDemon HornsHarpoon
PaganMysterion Hellion
5 String BassDark Knight Centurion / Speedloader
Traditional HeadstockRockingbat